Exciting New Ways to Book More Home Parties

Are you hitting a brick wall when it comes to booking parties? Here are some new ways to turn the no's into yes!


Here are some tips on booking more home parties:

Leave Your Catalogs In Auto Repair Shops: Or how about gas station waiting areas? Laundrymats? Exercise and work-out clubs?

Give the Teller at Your Bank A Catalog: Invite him or her to book a party!

Leave Catalogs Along With A Personal Note At Beauty Salons: Write a note inviting salon clients to book a party with you. Make the note friendly, inviting and personal. Attach it to the catalog. Choose stationery for the note that is personable and appealing.

Ask If You Can Speak About Your Product At A Local Mother's Group, Library or Senior Citizen's Club: Find an angle that would interest that audience, such as a product a particular audience may find helpful, useful or would make their life easier or less stressed.

Invite The Receptionist At Your Doctor's Office or Dentist's Office to Host A Party: Be aware that any receptionist you come in contact with could be a potential party booking.

Stop By A Garage Sale: Give out a catalog, and ask if they would like to host a home party.

If You Pick Up Your Child from School, Tell the Other Mothers Who Wait With You About Your Business: Ask your child's teacher and principal if they would be interested in hosting a party, or if you could give out catalogs to the teachers at the school and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the school's library.

• Contact Other Representatives In Your Area Who Work for Other Companies Who Also Host Home Parties And See If You Can Help One Another By Doing A Party Exchange: If you are willing to give a party focused on their product, they may also be willing to give a party for you.

Have An Open House and Invite Your Neighbors To An Informational Party About Your Product: A wine and cheese party, or an everything-chocolate party could be quite appealing even to weary guests.

Contact Local Bowling and Sports Leagues: Invite them to host parties and offer special prizes to the charity of their choice, that will be given in the name of their league.